Connecting Fukuoka to the globe.

The first Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition received a total of 78 entries, with 58 from Japan and 20 from overseas (7 countries including the U.S.A., England, Spain, and others). As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, and three Fukuoka Innovator Awards were given.

Grand Prize:

2009 Fukuoka Ruby Award WinnersClimate Information Tool Kit (CLIK) » APEC Climate Center (South Korea)
The Climate Information Took Kit (CLIK) is a climate information system. It predicts disaster-causing climate changes with the goal of reducing human suffering and economic loss in developing nations to the absolute minimum. Climate change scientists developed the system using Ruby. Use of the application is free, allowing provision of accurate predictions in developing nations without requiring expensive technology or human investment.

Outstanding Performance Awards:

9Arrows » 9Arrows (Fukuoka)
9Arrows is software for sharing and managing information on project progress. Not only is it compatible with projects consisting of a single organization, but it is also compatible with projects being carried out at multiple locations by multiple organizations. This project invigorates Ruby-related businesses and seeks to produce software that will be used worldwide, so it is available as an open-source program. It totals approximately 11,000 downloads in 75 countries and possesses approximately 5,000 registrants/users.

Town Management Encyclopedia-Ruby Library Information System » Mitaka Town Management (Tokyo)
This is a library information system developed at low cost using Ruby. It connects multiple public libraries over the Internet, allowing quick search and management of approximately 700,000 items of library information. Libraries that have adopted the system release and offer support for the program and cultivate Ruby technicians for local IT corporations. As an effort toward self-sustained system management and operation and maintenance in those areas, this project contributes to the spread of Ruby.

Puppet-Systems Building Systems » Luke Kanies (U.S.A.)
Puppet is a tool for integrated management of settings related to security and operation of multiple computers. So that anyone can use it, the tool is available as an open-source software, thereby contributing to the spread of Ruby. Paid support is also available for construction of enterprise systems that require constant stable operation.

Fukuoka Innovator Awards:

Measuring Equipment Relay System for CPFCS (Cell Processing Factory Control System) » SEIKOTEC Co.,Ltd. (Fukuoka)
This system is installed in microcomputers that store the results of cell cultivation incubator temperature and air cleanliness measurements in the databases of cell processing factory control systems. It is an incredibly useful example of using Ruby to develop software for embedded applications, to which Ruby has not commonly been considered applicable.

AIMS: A Safe and Secure E-mail System for PTA Notifications (mamori & miteru) » MOTO:TAKER (Fukuoka)
AIMS (Miteru and Mamori) is a service that uses e-mail to provide a communication network for PTAs. Since PTA officers change each year, the design is simple and operation can reflect local circumstances. It is not a commercial service, but rather a free service provided by volunteers. Ruby is used so that maintenance and operation can be as versatile as possible.

ediea: AAn Electronic Portfolio System for Universities Toward Developing Human Resources who Act Voluntarily » HAW International Inc. (Fukuoka)
This is an integrated self-management system for assisting university students in voluntarily pursuing their own growth. It uses Ruby to realize functions for compiling results and progress, compiling guidance histories, and analyzing trends in university performance management and study.

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