In December 2011, the Japanese government selected Fukuoka as one of seven International Strategic Zones (Regions) of Japan as the launch pad for Japanese green technology to the rest of Asia. These regions selected as International Strategic Zones will receive funding, subsidies, tax incentives, and/or other tangible and intangible benefits from the government, based on specific needs and requirements.

Development of Overseas Water Business through Collaboration between Public and Private Sectors

In the water business field, promote development of environmental business in Asia, packaged from planning to management and operation. Package technology and knowledge from public and private sectors in water business and promote marketing and sales activities utilizing hubs for developing international strategies centering on overseas networks and Water Plaza Kitakyushu.

Projects to Create Smart Communities

Construction of Hubs for the Development and Production of Products with Sophisticated Eco-friendly Functions and Highcost Performance

Construct an integrated industrial hub for all processes from R&D to mass-production to produce products with high environmental and cost performance, for which there is expected to be an increasing demand in Asia and the rest of the world.

Creation of Hubs for Green Innovation Research

Industry, academia and government collaborate in linking the world’s most advanced research from universities, such as organic EL, with industrial growth, and employ a diverse range of demonstrative fields in creating research hubs that play a leading role in green innovation linked to commercialization. Deploy high environmental performance products, for which there is an increasing demand, to Asia, and obtain global standards through their proliferation.

Creation of East Asia High Speed Maritime Green Logistics Network and Hubs

Developmental Support for SMEs in Asia

In addition to improving and strengthening one-stop service support functions, combining networks between cities and regions in Asia, and promoting bidirectional business ventures and technological exchanges between Japan and other Asian countries, actively push through initiatives to allow not only major companies but also SMEs and ventures, both domestic and foreign, to flourish.