Connecting Fukuoka to the globe.

The competition received a total of 64 entries, with 46 from Japan and 18 from overseas (7 countries including the U.S.A., England, Australia, and others). As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, four Outstanding Performance Awards, three Fukuoka Innovator Awards, and two Special Awards were given.

Grand Prize:

2010 Fukuoka Ruby Award WinnersRhodes: A Ruby-based Framework for Developing Native Smartphone Apps » Rhomobile, Inc. (U.S.A.)
Rhodes is software for developing applications for smartphones, which have shown increased popularity in recent years. It is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. As it removes the necessity of separate development for each OS, it significantly cuts down on the cost and length of development. This framework is expected to be expanded for business use as an incredibly effective tool in development for smartphones.

Outstanding Performance Awards:

Construction of a Web Application Foundation Using the OSS Technology RoR with the Goal of Moving Mitsubishi Corporation’s Notes DB
» IT Frontier Corporation (Tokyo)
Ruby is being used for system development of the Web application to serve as the foundation for Mitsubishi Corporation’s enterprise system. Examples of using Ruby in an enterprise system have been extremely rare, but the application demonstrated no problems in performance serving as the basis for a corporation’s enterprise system and thus provides an incredibly useful example.

Joruri: An Open-source CMS for Local Authority Websites » IDS inc., Tokushima Prefectural Government (Tokushima)
Joruri is an open-source CMS with all the functions necessary for constructing websites for local authorities. Sample data is provided at no cost, so creating a website for a local authority is easy. Ruby promotional activities are also underway and plans exist for releasing templates for university websites.

Skip » TIS Inc. (Tokyo)
Skip is an SNS for internal organizational change. Using Ruby in development and operation of an SNS, which requires constant improvement based on user input, can achieve an SNS with a high degree of user satisfaction. Since being released as open source software in June 2008, it has been downloaded over 3,000 times and is now seeing use by a variety of organizations from large corporations to universities.

EasyPack for Google Apps » i3 Systems, Inc. (Fukuoka)
i3 Systems is using Ruby to develop EasyPack for Google Apps. EasyPack is a collection of seven products for effectively using Google Apps, a group of cloud applications that excel at managing e-mail, schedules, and other data at companies and organizations. By managing address books and providing access restrictions, both necessary for corporate systems, these products increase the efficiency of corporate activities.

Children’s Ruby Project: Using Ruby on Rails the Next Generation of Human Resources for Carrying japan into the Future as One of the World’s Most Advanced Countries in IT
» Mitaka Town Management Organization (Tokyo)
This is Japan’s first effort to teach elementary and junior high school students programming. It focuses on the efficiency of Ruby as a teaching material in science and IT education of the next generation. The project plans to expand into development of an education curriculum in which everyone from elementary school children to working adults can learn Ruby.

Fukuoka Innovator Awards:

EC-Rider » EC-One, Inc. (Fukuoka)
EC-Rider is highly customizable open-source software developed using Ruby for constructing and operating e-commerce websites. As a package for rapidly developing e-commerce sites matching the needs of businesses as well as markets, it is expected to play a role in product sales.

DICOMini » SEIKOTEC Co.,Ltd. (Fukuoka)
DICOMini is a management system for medical imaging such as CT, MRI, and CR. Management systems for medical images have generally been introduced at large hospitals like university hospitals, but using Ruby encourages use by small-scale medical facilities for improvement of the services they provide.

Cloud Special Awards:

Framing the Business Cases for Rails: The ARC Model » Pivotal Labs, Inc. (U.S.A.)
By proposing agile development integrating Ruby’s productivity with cloud computing technology, the progress of which promises to continue accelerating, this model displays potential for revolutionizing business.

Wakame: An Open-source Cloud Controller (1)(2) » axsh Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
This company is developing Japan’s first software for fully automating administrative tasks in data center businesses using cloud computing technology.

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