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The competition received a total of 79 entries, with 48 from Japan and 31 from overseas (9 countries including the U.S.A., Germany, China, and others). As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, three Fukuoka Innovator Awards, and three Special Awards were given.

Grand Prize:

2011 Fukuoka Ruby Award Winnersmonkey magic – Managing Clouds » EC-One, Inc. (Fukuoka)
Cloud computing environments have come to be considered an important infrastructure in recent years. Monkey Magic is a management system that regulates the burden arising from complicated and large-scale systems, providing comfortable service over the Internet in such environments. Not only is it convenient, but it makes possible the maximum use of cloud computing environments, which are increasingly common. Uses in business are expected.

Outstanding Performance Awards:

youRoom » Sonic Garden (Tokyo)
YouRoom is a miniblog-style Web application that specializes in sharing information in groups. The free service allows users to share private information with multiple members. Agile software development quickly reflecting user demands since service began has demonstrated thorough use of Ruby’s high productivity from development through operation.

Joruri: An Open-source CMS for Local Authority Websites » IDS inc., Tokushima Prefectural Government (Tokushima)
Joruri is an open-source CMS with all the functions necessary for constructing websites for local authorities. Sample data is provided at no cost, so creating a website for a local authority is easy. Ruby promotional activities are also underway and plans exist for releasing templates for university websites.

ZENPRE: Presentation Streaming Service » Fusic Co., Ltd. (Fukuoka)
Zenpre is a Web service for displaying and viewing slide shows and video presentations. The service delivers crisp materials and presentations in real time to distant viewers and allows presentations to be saved for later viewing. The service is free, and a broad range of applications in lectures and by study groups are expected.

Fukuoka Innovator Awards:

EIR: A Support System for Regional Medical Cooperation Using iPhone to Link Caregivers
» Lighthouse Corp (Fukuoka)
EIR is a support system for sharing information among doctors, nurses, and other caregivers who visit patients in their homes. It is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and aims to improve the quality of regional team health care provision through the convenient sharing of patients’ medical information.

GeoIME: Location-linked Japanese Input System » Kyushu University (Fukuoka)
GeoIME is a “considerate” conversion system for Japanese-language input that automatically displays a list of likely conversions for text based on the user’s location. By focusing on the circumstances of users—whose choice of words, such as place names, will change depending on where they are—the innovative effort aims to simplify Japanese input on handheld devices.

Rapid System for Voting and Vote Counting in Fukuoka Elections Location-linked Japanese Input System » Local Authority UML Group (Fukuoka)
The applicant is conducting activities with the goal of increasing efficiency in work done by local authorities. The project is a model of system development for tabulation in voting and vote counting, in which differences between local authorities are difficult to notice. As such, this project promotes greater efficiency in work done by local authorities as well as improvement in services provided for residents.

Special Awards:

rurema » ClearCode Inc. (Tokyo)
Rurema Search is a Web application for rapidly searching the Ruby Reference Manual (Rurema). With its search function focusing on Ruby, it is a useful dictionary tool for Ruby programmers. As a system based on a thorough understanding of Ruby’s features, allowing users to perform such tasks as search individual versions of Ruby, the application contributes to the spread of Ruby.

Contributions to the Release of Ruby 1.9.2 » Yusuke Endo (Kanagawa)
The applicant made progress toward the release of Ruby 1.9.2, the newest version of Ruby, by addressing and solving numerous problems that stood in the way. He has contributed to the spread of Ruby by achieving the release of Ruby 1.9.2, which was behind schedule.

Rails for Zombies » Envy Labs LLC. (U.S.A.)
Rails for Zombies is an online tutorial for easily learning the basics of programming with Ruby on Rails. The tutorial makes excellent use of Heroku, a Ruby on Rails cloud platform service provider. Use as a tool for spreading the use of Ruby is expected.

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