Connecting Fukuoka to the globe.

The competition received a total of 82 entries 9 countries. As the result of Preliminary Evaluation and Final Selection, one Grand Prize, three Outstanding Performance Awards, five Special Awards, and eight Fukuoka Innovator Awards were given.

Grand Prize:

2012 Fukuoka Ruby Award WinnersThinReports » Matsukei Co., Ltd. (Shimane)
This form generation system innovating the complicated systems development distinctive of Japan displays a high degree of completion.

Outstanding Performance Awards:

MOGOK » Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (Tokyo)
As a domestically-made Ruby development platform, the impact on industry promises to be large. It is still under development, but completion is expected.

Joruri Gw (Joruri Groupware) » IDS Inc. / Information Systems Section, Planning and General Affairs Department, Tokushima Prefectural Government (Tokushima)
This open source groupware compatible with organizations on a scale of ten thousand people, such as local communities, demonstrates rich functionality and ease of implementation.

Wakame » Axsh Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
This virtual data center is a novel and promising experiment in cloud services.

Special Awards: Engine Yard Award

Gene information analysis platform: Genome Sphere » Manycolors Inc. (Fukuoka)
This platform applying the merits of Ruby into the research field of genetic information analysis has a considerable social impact.

Special Awards: Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby Leadership Award

CloudFoundry » VMware, Inc. (U.S.A)
For a global company based in Silicon Valley to develop a product using Ruby has an impact on industry.

Special Awards: Silicon Valley Ruby Innovator Award

Banjo » Banjo, Inc. (U.S.A)
This application integrating major worldwide social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter demonstrates great usability. Further expansion is expected.

Special Awards: Technology Award

fog » Wesley Beary (U.S.A)
As development of a Ruby library compatible with a variety of cloud services, this entry is expected to contribute to the spread of Ruby.

MobiCloud » Kno.e.sis Center (U.S.A)
As a cloud-based application development framework, MobiCloud is expected to increase the number of Ruby developers.

Fukuoka Innovator Awards:
The following were selected for promising efforts that contribute to the spread of Ruby in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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