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2012 Fukuoka Ruby Nights -The New World of Ruby
October 17, 2012 at Twitter
October 18, 2012 at LinkedIn


Keynote    The New World of Ruby
Yukihiro "Matz" matsumotoYukihiro Matsumoto, Chief Designer of the Ruby Programming Language.
Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto started developing Ruby in 1993 and made it available to the public in 1995 as an open-source project. Since its release, approximately one million programmers worldwide have used the language.
Matz is currently a fellow with Network Applied Communication Laboratory Ltd. in Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, Japan. Since 2007, he has also worked as a fellow at the Rakuten Institute of Technology, which is run by Rakuten, Inc., the largest ecommerce company in Japan. In 2010, he became a Special Advisor to the Fukuoka Ruby Business Hub Promotion Committee, supporting work on the development of lightweight Ruby. Additionally, in 2011 Matz was appointed Chief Architect of Heroku, Inc.
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Keynote    Lean and Agile
Mr. McFarlandIan McFarland, Speaker on things agile, startup, rails. Lean UX advocate general.
Currently Ian is founder & president & CSO at NewContext, a global consultancy focused on Lean Startup, agile development, and Lean UX backed by Digital Garage. We’re building the right software, and we’re building it right.
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Keynote    Ruby and iOS: An Inside Look
image of Jeanine SwattonJeanine Swatton, Senior Lecturer, Silicon Valley University & Santa Clara University focusing on Software Architecture, iOS Development, Ruby on Rails and Cybersecurity. Organizer for the Silicon Valley Ruby on Rails Meetup, Women in Technology, and Technical Mentor for StartupMonthly & ImagineK12. Software Product Manager. YouTube Preview Image
Keynote    A Ruby Tinted Cloud
face of Mr. SchneemanRichard Schneeman codes Ruby for Heroku and teaches Rails at the University of Texas. You may recognize him from one of his libraries: Sextant, Wicked, or oPRO mobile Auth. He has over 40 hours of free Ruby and Rails videos, exercises, and quizes on his site YouTube Preview Image
Short Talk    mruby – Powerful Software for Embedded System Development
face of Mr. TanakaKazuaki Tanaka, Associate Professor, School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology.
In addition to lecturing on programming, databases, and embedded systems, Professor Tanaka conducts research on embedded, real-time robot control and information security. He involved in research and development efforts with Ruby inventor Matz, seeking to apply Ruby to the development of embedded systems with the goal of releasing Ruby Lite (Rite VM) as an open source project in April 2012.
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